How we create resilient carbon hubs on degraded land!

When creating solutions solving problems with the scope of our current climate crisis we must combine existing solutions to create resilience. Having this in mind, we identified three key solutions that, applied together, leverage the full potential of nature based carbon removal: Productive restoration on degraded land combined with the production & application of biochar and the spreading of basalt or olivine rock powder, in short: Restoration, Biochar and Enhanced Weather, a trinity we assessed as very promising. To learn more about the details of these three principles, check out our three carbon farming principles.

Through this combination, we are able to create a more resilient form of nature based carbon removal because a great part of the carbon credits we are issuing are highly permanent: Biochar in soils and carbonates formed by enhanced weathering processes is carbon, locked up for 1000+ years. Even in the worst case of a fire on our land, we can ensure that a great part of our carbon credits are still valid, as soil carbon and geologically stored carbonates are not affected by superficial fires. 

In addition, we are enabling different co-benefits through combining our three carbon farming principles. For example, the mixture of rock power and biochar does create a soil amendment with beneficial mineral content, enhancing soil water retention characteristics and increasing the proliferation of microorganisms and fungi. Biochar alone does need mineral fertilization and here rock dust comes in handy. Through creating demand for biomass and native seeds around our Woonderlands, we also create incentives for the development of the local bioeconomy and as we empower and educate our carbon farmers to explore non-timber-forest-products we create additional local income streams. Last but not least we enable ecosystem services, especially in relation to micro climate, water storage and biodiversity. 

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